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988. That’s how many square feet we have. That’s two bedrooms, each with two tiny closets, one small bathroom, a relatively large, but narrow, living room/dining room combo, and a small, but functional kitchen. Our house was built in 1928, so closet and storage space is sparse. The two closets in the bedrooms and a small, half-closet in the bathroom for linens is all we get. No pantry. No coat closet. No hall closet. No extra storage.

So needless to say, storage is an issue for us. Which is why it’s important for us to gain a little storage wherever we can. We look for furniture that can do double duty. Everything has to be functional. Extra functional, even. Which is why we recently got this:

It’s the Queen Brimnes storage bed from Ikea (seen here). The bed was $249, and the slats were another $40, for a total of $289. A LOT less than many of the storage beds we’ve looked at. We snagged it a month or so ago when we took a 5-hour road trip (each way) to the nearest Ikea. We live in St. Louis, and the closest one is in Chicago. We made it a day trip and got tons of stuff, but the biggest and most exciting purchase was the storage bed. And we were definitely in need of a bed, in general. Since we moved into our house, more than a year ago, we’ve been sleeping on our awesome Denver Mattress Company mattress, on the box spring, on the floor. Kind of sad. And a little ghetto. So a bed was on the wish list, but I was waiting to find the perfect storage bed.

I’ve been wanting a storage bed since before we even moved into our tiny, but lovely house because it really just makes perfect sense to me, no matter how much (or how little) storage you may already have. The space under the bed is such a waste. When I was a kid, I used that space, but not effectively. It was basically just the place I shoved everything I could when I was told to clean my room. Then, when I was told to clean under my bed, I had to get a broomstick or something to get all the crap out. Like I said, not effective use of that space.

But the storage bed is perfect. (Or at least, our’s is.) It utilizes all the space under the bed with two huge drawers on each side that allow easy access to everything stored under there. No wasted space. Everyday access. Double-duty furniture. Function!

You might have noticed in the picture above that one of the drawer bottoms is white and one is brown. I get to blame that on Chad. I did the majority of the assembly while Chad was out golfing (we both have our hobbies…), but when he came home, he graciously offered to help. Hence, the wrong side of the bottom got assembled on the right side. By the time I noticed, it was really too late to change it without a great deal of effort. Oops. But no matter. It’s just the inside of a drawer, and I will probably end up putting a liner over them anyway. Eventually.

Here are a few pictures of the assembly process, in case you’re interested.

As you can see, it came in three, flat boxes. Gotta love that we were able to get a queen-sized bed from Chicago to St. Louis in our old Subaru Outback.

I organized all the hardware on a sheet pan to keep things contained and easy to find before starting the assembly process. Plus I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any pieces.

Besides the mattress and box spring, which I stood on their sides, I had already cleared everything from the room for my recent paint job, so I had plenty of room to assemble the bed.

See all that space? We don’t just get to put a bed on top of it. We actually get to use it! Can you tell I’m excited about storage? Anyway. I think this is about how much progress I had made when Chad arrived and offered to help finish the job.

Just the drawers and slats left now. First, the slats.

That’s me. Once we got the slats in place, we were eager to put the mattress on the bed and see what it was going to look like. We could have used the box spring in addition to the mattress, but the slats make it unnecessary and the bed would have been much to high with the frame, box spring and mattress. So the box spring ended up in the basement. (I guess I should have mentioned that we do have a basement for long-term storage, for which I’m so grateful.)

The drawers were the last thing to assemble. You can see that the drawer with the wrong-side-up bottom was the first to be assembled and put in place.

There I am putting the final touch (the handle) on the last drawer. I can’t really explain why this picture is in black and white, except that when I was going through the pictures, I guess I thought I looked a little less grubby in black and white. Now, I’m not so sure. I’m definitely not a get-all-cute-before-DIYing-stuff kind of girl. But maybe this blog will change that. Maybe.

Here it is all assembled, drawers in. Chad was clearly exhausted by his day of golf and bed assembly.

And there it is all made up. You might notice the mismatched headboard back there. I got that for 10 bucks from Goodwill a while ago. I’ll be back to tell you more about that later.

In the meantime, let me know what you think. Do you have (or lust after) a storage bed of your own? Are you as perplexed as I am that storage beds aren’t the norm? Please dish.

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